Am I eligible for cover/are there any restrictions on when I can get cover?

There are a number of different times you cannot buy insurance, this could be due to how far in advance you are trying to purchase or it could be due to age. There are also a number of different circumstances where you could complete the purchase of travel insurance but where you would not be eligible for cover and claims would not be paid:


To be covered by this policy, you must be able to agree to all of the following statements:


  • I am a UK resident and registered with a GP (Doctor) in the UK. A UK resident is a person whose main home is in the UK, Channel islands or Isle of Man.
  • I have not already started a trip.
  • I am travelling from, and returning to, the UK.
  • I am not aware of any reason why I may need to claim against this policy.
  • I have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • I am not undergoing/awaiting tests or consultations about an undiagnosed condition.
  • I am not travelling intending to receive medical treatment.

I am not travelling against advice of a medical practitioner or would be travelling against advice if I asked for it.